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Custom Kitchen Sinks In Florida

Let us update your kitchen sinks and transform it with an ideal kitchen workstation!




Create the kitchen of your dreams with a full-service kitchen design and remodel project. Don’t settle for simple DIY tricks, but reinvent your entire cooking and entertaining area with kitchen sinks and inspiring designs. Explore the process of a custom kitchen by working with Cabinet Genies. Stop by one of our locations to see for yourself how convenient this workstation can be - from food prep to clean up!

How to Transform Your Kitchen with a Sink Workstation

It all starts with a sink. Whether you’re looking for a completely new interior design or swapping out your sink for a modern touch to your timeless work area, Cabinet Genies can help. We work with you to create a beautiful area with expert designs and leading sink options by The Galley.

A Workstation by The Galley is a great way to upgrade your existing kitchen. These eye-catching sinks combine all the best style and functionality features for an elevated cooking, cleaning, and entertaining experience.

It starts with a basin. These spacious sink basins are large enough to accommodate pots and pans. The 16-gauge steel and a TrueEdge withstands heavy use without compromising its flawless look.

What truly sets The Galley Workstations apart is their accessories. A wide range of unique accessories fit easily into your basin. These easily slide out of the way while you use your sink, then slide out for your next project. Here are some of the most common accessories to add to your custom sink:

  • Garnish board
  • Chef’s block
  • Washbasin
  • Knife block
  • Condiment board

Create the workspace you need for any project. Start out with a spacious chef’s block to cut, carve, and prepare ingredients for a tantalizing dish. Slide the block out of the way and switch to condiment and garnish boards to delight your guests with cocktails, appetizers, and an unforgettable meal. When it’s all finished, slide out your washbasin for convenient cleanup.

These sinks come in a range of sizes and designs, so work with us to choose the ideal option for your kitchen design. Smaller stations can easily fit into your existing sink location, or you can include a spacious design to expand your options and add a professional edge to your home kitchen.

What the Process Entails 

Once you’re ready to enjoy a Workstation by The Galley, use our budget analysis tool online. Our award-winning design team at Cabinet Genies can assist you in setting the budget for your kitchen sink remodel. From a single Workstation to a full kitchen remodel, we can assist you in creating inspiring designs that fit your lifestyle.

After arriving at a budget for your kitchen, schedule a consultation with our designers. We work with your ideas and inspirations to set the tone for your remodeling project. Detailed sketches and 3D renderings help you visualize your dream kitchen before the project begins. Continue to discuss and alter the plan until you find the kitchen sink style or full kitchen that you absolutely love.

You lead the way in the design process. Our designers do all the work to help your ideal kitchen become a reality, but we make sure you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to design decisions. Don’t settle for a kitchen that doesn’t fit your sense of style or add convenience to your cooking, cleaning, and entertaining routines.

Our team of contractors get to work quickly to minimize any disruptions to your daily schedule. A quick and clean remodeling project creates the kitchen of your dreams right before your eyes. We tailor our design and build expertise to your specific kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, so you can be confident in a renovation that adds value, convenience, and style to your home.

Start the Process Today with Cabinet Genies

Get started today to see how Cabinet Genies can use custom sinks and cabinets to update your home with elevated designs. Work with a leader in full-service remodeling to enjoy the best cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures and other accessories to make the heart of your home shine. Impress guests, host family gatherings, and enjoy relaxing evenings on your own with a convenient Workstation by The Galley.


Maximum Size and Function.

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Kitchen Sinks - The Galley Ideal Workstation Accessories - Cabinet Genies, Cape Coral FL

Recommended Additional Accessories

Well-equipped for your every culinary and entertaining need, our custom accessories are what give The Galley its unbelievable function.
They are so cleverly designed you may wonder how you ever lived without them.

Kitchen Sinks - The Galley Workstation Recommended Additional Accessories - Cabinet Genies, Cape Coral FL
Stylish 16-Gauge Stainless Steel

Fabricated in one piece with the highest quality stainless steel
and TrueEdge Design.

Reversible Basin

Single Bowl: Reversible Basin with Side Drain
Double Bowl: Reversible Basin with 2 Bowls and 2 Drains

Hand-Crafted in the USA

Each Galley is skillfully manufactured and carefully
inspected in America.

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Versatile Double-tier Design

Functionality on a whole new level!
Accessories slide above and below each other on upper and lower tiers

Angel Finish

Custom hand-crafted finish for superior wear and easy maintenance.

Ideal Flow® Drain Cover

Our round Drain Cover conceals the drain
while still allowing water to flow freely into the drain.


Galley Tap Features

                        • Solid AISI 316L Machined Stainless Steel Construction
                        • Available in Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray™, and PVD Satin Black
                        • Single-lever control ceramic disk cartridge
                        • Forward rotating COMFORTFEEL™ lever handle
                        • Indoor and outdoor
                        • Total height 21 1/4”
                        • 11” CENTERSTATION™ spout projection
                        • 11” pot fill height from deck to spout outlet
                        • Spout rotates 360°
                        • Hand spray extends up to 27” from spout
                        • Magnetic docking system holds hand spray in place
                        • Ergonomic slide switch to select laminar or spray flow
                        • Automatic return to laminar flow
                        • Concealed easy-clean spray face
                        • Quiet, smooth gliding hose
                        • Counterweight
                        • Quick installation system
                        • Dual check valves
                        • 24” Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses 3/8” Compression
                        • Minimum install hole diameter 1 3/8”
                        • Maximum counter thickness 2”
                        • Maximum flow rate 1.8gpm (6.8L/min)

Galley Tap

Galley Soap Dispenser Features

                        • Solid AISI 316L Machined Stainless Steel Construction
                        • Available in Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray, and PVD Satin Black
                        • 5 1/2” height from deck to spout outlet
                        • 5 1/2” spout reach
                        • Easy refill from the top
                        • Heavy-duty pump for added reliability
                        • Indoor and outdoor
                        • Reduces use of unsightly disposable non-biodegradable plastic bottles
                        • Minimum install hole diameter 1”
                        • Maximum counter thickness 1 9/16”
                        • 12 fluid ounce capacity

Galley Soap Dispenser

Galley Deck Switch Features

                        • Solid AISI 316L Machined Stainless Steel Construction
                        • Available in Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray, and PVD Satin Black
                        • Air-activated
                        • Above the deck design
                        • Easy operation
                        • Ideal for kitchen island or countertops
                        • Convenient alternative to a wall switch
                        • Isolated from electrical connections
                        • Maximum countertop thickness 2 11/16”
                        • Minimum install hole diameter 1 3/8”
                        • Two-outlet control box and tubing included
                        • Easily replaceable air pump
                        • Total height 1 1/8”
                        • Indoor use only

Galley Deck Switch

Galley Tap Finishes

Galley Tap Finishes