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The enchantments start with your home’s kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Naples — but it doesn’t stop there. Exquisite indoor design is complemented by luxury living spaces outdoors. Cabinet Genies offers reliable and innovative design solutions for indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. Our custom cabinets are elegant and created to harmonize with your existing interior design. Are you looking for something completely new, or are you seeking an upgrade that emphasizes what’s already there? Either way, Cabinet Genies is ready to help by providing premium cabinetry and design services in the greater Naples area.

Services We Offer in Naples

Kitchens and bathrooms are vital rooms in your home. In fact, they may even be the most important — these are the spaces where you have the opportunity to display your taste and refinement, and the best way to do this is to invest in kitchen cabinets in Naples. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Fort Myers offer a finishing touch of class, uniting the aesthetic of your space, but looks aren’t all that matters. Quality does, too — and luckily, our cabinets are made to last long and look good. Our kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and outdoor spaces are all designed to your exact specifications and style.

Upgrades and Custom Designs

For clients seeking to upgrade existing fixtures in their homes, we offer unique and completely custom solutions. Whether we’re working on a vacation home or your dream house, we collaborate with each client to materialize their aesthetic vision. We do this through custom cabinetry offered in three distinct levels. Choose selections from our silver, gold, or platinum collections, each with its own styles, finishes, and materials, and customized to your specifications for a perfect fit.

Our Cabinetry Collections

You have a world of options to choose from when you’re shopping for kitchen cabinets in Naples. Each of our three unique cabinetry collections offers a level of luxury that’s tailored to your needs. Our silver collection features the following:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality wood
  • Reliable finishes

If you’d like to upgrade, you can select cabinetry from our gold collection, which offers:

  • Refined styles
  • Detailed trim options
  • More luxurious look

Finally, the platinum collection offers the most high-end experience of all, featuring:

  • Innovative elements
  • State of the art fixtures
  • Unique customizations

Each of these collections offers a different experience for your home, with customization options available that allow you to truly make your selection yours.

Unique Bathroom Features

Kitchens aren’t the only place to let your cabinets shine. Bathrooms offer an opportunity, too, to showcase beautiful cabinetry and style. It’s important that your storage isn’t just fashionable, though. It should also be functional. The right bathroom cabinets in Naples can keep your bathroom stress-free and decluttered so that the essentials are always within reach while still being out of sight. The result is a calm elegance that’s both understated and utilitarian.

Outdoor Kitchen Features

Want to take your Naples home to the next level? Think outside the box — or house, rather — and consider investing in an outdoor kitchen area. Nothing is better than enjoying picturesque scenery and feeling the breeze while preparing a gourmet meal. Outdoor cabinetry must be built to withstand temperature fluctuations, moisture, and other wear and tear unique to outdoor fixtures. We create fully realized designs, complete with appliances and countertops, to help you realize your outdoor oasis dreams.

Closet Organization

Organization is the name of the game when it comes to closets, and you can’t beat the organization provided by custom-made cabinets. Professional closet design experts assist in organizing closets and creating a clean, functional space for you to enjoy. Closets create the finishing touch on a whole home organization system and make it easy to destress and declutter. Our closet fixtures are made with the same impeccable quality and customized design that characterize the rest of our cabinetry products.

Design and Financing Options

With so many options, choosing your favorite design might be difficult. Nobody would blame you if it took a few days or even weeks to narrow down the vision you want to bring to life. We believe that design decisions should be the only part of the process that’s difficult. Details like financing should be simple and straightforward. Customers in the greater Naples area can contact us for more information on our simple and easy financing solutions. Enjoy the freedom to bring your home to its full potential while taking advantage of low fixed rates.

Build a Better Home with New Cabinetry

The main services and products offered by Cabinet Genies reflect the level of quality and prestige we bring to every project we contract. Our clients are amongst the happiest in Naples because we deliver on our promises and craft beautiful cabinetry in every home we renovate. Call us at (239) 458-8563 or reach out online to see how we can grant all of your cabinetry wishes.

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Kitchen and Bathroom cabinet installation in new construction. Very Good craftsmanship, quality and workmanship. Great customer service! works diligently to get any issues resolved and finish the job to your full satisfaction. Many styles, colors and hardware to choose from. You pay a premium but you get best in class product and service. Would recommend them cabinetry.
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