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Rediscover the beauty of your home with elevated kitchen designs, clever bathroom cabinets, and transformative outdoor living spaces that will become the envy of your neighborhood. Cabinet Genies is passionate about offering innovative cabinet solutions in North Fort Myers. Discover our cabinet lines and custom styles for yourself and explore how we can transform your home with elegant, functional cabinetry.

Cabinet Genies is proud to serve North Fort Myers homeowners with cutting-edge kitchen, bathroom, closet, and outdoor cabinet solutions. We will craft a custom cabinet solution that perfectly suits your current (or updating) interior design. Count on bold, beautiful, and elegantly matched cabinets in any style that will make your home experience complete. Choose a classic cozy kitchen transformation, or go for something completely new. Explore our North Fort Myers cabinetry services for yourself.

Services We Offer in North Fort Myers

Every home deserves a beautiful kitchen, a luxurious master suite, and welcoming shared family spaces. Great cabinetry is not just attractive; fine cabinet design can also multiply the elegant storage and functional utility of every room. Create a bold statement or a timeless backdrop with your home's cabinet solutions.

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Upgrades and Custom Designs

Any North Fort Myers home can become your dream home with the right upgrades and inspired custom designs. Let your vision and understanding of the perfect home be your guide as you work with us to redesign your cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, or any area of the house. Revolutionizing storage is one of the best ways to improve your home experience, from your kitchen pantry to your bedroom closet.

Embrace the latest trends like minimalist concealed kitchens and hidden doors disguised by clever cabinetry solutions. Turn your patio into an outdoor living space with beautiful all-weather cabinets. Alternatively, transform your bathroom into a personal oasis by building just the right cabinets around your new soaker tub or stone walk-in shower.

From rebuilding the perfect cozy family kitchen to sleek, cutting-edge modern designs, Cabinet Genies can help you make any house into your dream home.

Our Cabinetry Collections

Our cabinetry collections make it easy for homeowners to choose their priorities and find the perfect line of cabinetry for their style. The tiers come in Silver, Gold, and Platinum cabinet collections, and each has something unique to offer.

The Silver Collection features plywood construction and durable family-friendly finishes at a comfortingly affordable price for practical North Fort Myers homeowners. Door styles are classic and the finish options are timeless.

The Gold Collection also comes in solid hardwood with a rich selection of finishes and greater details to choose from for your cabinet door patterns. Give your cabinets more personality with doors that are elegant, distressed, quirky, and eye-catching at a reasonable price.

The Platinum Collection offers an even greater selection of beautiful finishes, stains, and paint colors for your cabinet doors. Experience the finest of quality in cabinetry construction, a plethora of luxury interior and exterior finish options, and full customization to adapt to all your needs. Your cabinets will gain a life of their own and exceed all your expectations.

Unique Bathroom Features

Bathrooms are one of the best places to reinvent with cabinetry. Most people think a bathroom cabinet is limited to under the sink, but really, bathrooms tend to have tons of unused space that would be more useful and elegant as cabinetry. Your North Fort Myers bathroom cabinets can set the stage, creating an all-new beautiful and relaxing experience.

Frame your vanity with enclosed, organized storage that keeps the counter clear for decoration and gleaming stone, or build the perfect arrangement of shelves around your bathtub to enjoy a luxurious soak with soaps, luffas, and bath oils near at hand.

Luxurious bathrooms are among the top home remodels today, including infrastructure for your smart home. Upgrade your bathroom with moisture-protected spaces for smart speakers and screens that create the cutting-edge of oasis relaxation.

Outdoor Kitchen Features

Transform your patio and garden into a beautiful outdoor living space for your family. Design your dream outdoor kitchen with a stunning all-weather cabinetry design and a gleaming stone countertop. Outdoor kitchen cabinets in North Fort Myers homes create the space for a luxurious outdoor living experience.

Whether you prefer an outdoor gourmet kitchen or the ultimate barbecue pit, cabinetry is at the heart of kitchen design. Define your space, build your organization, and bring in the appliances to make your kitchen complete.

Our designers can help you create a complete kitchen design with appliances, countertops, plumbing, and power, so you don't need to worry about bringing in many specialists to see your North Fort Myers outdoor kitchen come to life before your eyes.

Closet Organization

The difference between a messy closet and a beautiful dressing room often comes down to clever cabinetry. A closet system will use your existing closet space in innovative, useful, and elegant new ways. Add shelving where you need shelves, double your hanging space with a lower bar, and create the perfect at-hand solution for shoes.

Transform the upper space from a clutter-magnet into elegant closed storage for seasonal personal items and make use of those far corners with drawers that pull into your convenient reach. You can make space for a dressing mirror and vanity lights, but most of all, you will be making yourself feel empowered every time you step into an elegantly organized and luxury-designed dressing room.

Design and Finance Options

Our kitchen, bathroom, and closet designs aren't limited to custom cabinets and countertops. We can also help you with everything else you need for your renovation project. From the start, you can work with one of our professional designers to turn your vision of a North Fort Myers dream home into a beautifully designed building plan. You can rely on our team of onboard and network specialists for everything from plumbing to appliance installation. We can also help you with financing solutions to create the kitchen of your dreams now to enjoy as you manage the investment.
Are you dreaming of new kitchen cabinets in North Fort Myers or an elegant new bathroom cabinet design?

Here at Cabinet Genies, we are dedicated to making your home renovation dreams come true. From expansive kitchen remodels to elegantly compact closet designs, our team can help you transform your North Fort Myers house into the home of your dreams, from the cabinets up. Contact us today to begin planning your home remodel and stylishly clever cabinet solutions.

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