Outdoor Living Area Design

Is your outdoor living area unused? Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of this unused valuable area and create a space that will make family get-togethers and social gatherings with friends not only fun but comfortable as well. Then again, maybe you simply feel the need to redo what you’ve already done. Restyling or renovating your outdoor living area can be a breeze with proper planning.

Most people with their own home desire an outdoor area where guests can be entertained. A backyard patio or balcony where they have a unique seating arranged with an outdoor fire pit, beautiful landscape, comfy wicker chairs, great eating table, and anything else that suits their fancy is a homeowner’s dream!

What makes an outdoor living area serene is the natural setting around it. Whether it’s a private getaway or simply for social entertainment, nothing beats having a place in your home where you can sit back, raise your feet, and truly feel what it means to relax.

So, if you are planning to rearrange or renovate your outside living area, and you are somewhat perplexed on how to get started, the following guide will help you with interesting tips on how to design your outdoor living area.

7 Ways To Create A Beautiful Outdoor Living Area

1. Vision

Get a realistic idea of the space you have and determine how best you, your family, and guest can get the most out of the space. For example, a water feature may sound pleasant, but if you have small children or pets, it may not be practical. It all depends on what you envision. Do you love to cook outdoors? Are you a romantic and envision cozy evenings beneath twinkling stars? Are you a family person and prefer a more casual atmosphere? Make a list of the must-haves for our outdoor living area before you start working on it. This step may save you time and money as well.

2. Balance The Outside With The Inside Of Your Home

Your outdoor living area will appear more fitting if you harmonize the area with your home’s interior, outside landscape, and architectural design. Doing this will create a seamless flow through your entire home. This will make your outside area appear more convivial.

3. Seating

Living areas appear more “livable” with plenty of seating. Depending on how you want to design your outdoor living space, whether with comfy chairs, a sofa and armchairs, or a center table in a matching theme will be suitable. However, if your idea is more of an entertainment setting more so than relaxing, a table and chairs, bar and matching bar stools will do the trick. While hammocks and swings encourage relaxation, tall chairs, and stools create a more shared, entertainment ambiance. If you prefer something in between the two, create groups of chairs, benches, or ottomans to entice conversation. If your outdoor space is large, use broad rimmed planters or well-built storage chests and coffee tables that can quickly add additional seating when needed.

Choose weather resistant furniture like wicker and rattan and other materials along this line. Select the shade you prefer that complements your indoor décor. If your furniture is a neutral hue, choose rich colors for cushions. Make certain furniture size balances with your available space.

4. Lighting/Shade

Illuminate your outdoor living area with a bit of evening ambiance by introducing the right intensity of light. Keep harsh lighting at bay for gatherings; instead rely on hanging lanterns, candles, fire pits, or pathway lights. Strategically position lights to highlight decorative accents like plants and water features. Add additional lighting like specially designed lights to dining areas.

Shading most sections of your outdoor living area will primarily take place during the daytime. Try an awning, large umbrella, or covered porch roof for best results. Other objects that can block the sun’s rays are plants or a trellis covered with vines. For prime spaces, a stunning pergola will be magic!

5. Climate Control

If you plan to use your outdoor living space most of the year, install climate control. During the hot summer months, the area can be kept cool with water features and fans. A small sized plunge pool is a fantastic spot to chill out with frozen drinks.

When the weather cools, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add heat to the cooler air. Keep blankets handy in a chest for cozy outdoor nights. A large space heater is another option for large outdoor spaces.

6. Beautiful Landscaping

An outdoor living space is incomplete without a beautiful landscape. Therefore, make certain you create a landscape that balances with your home, inside and out. For example, if you have an outdoor space that leads to your kitchen and entrance, place lovely plants and lights that will make your outdoor space too charming to resist.

7. Accents

Remember to place various accents around your outdoor living area the same as you would inside your home. Create interest with various colorful rugs or pillows with striking designs. Arrange container gardens with ornamental flowers and grasses. Make use of your walls by hanging art, and add stimulating sculptures to the area. Use seashell collections, ceramic bowls, candleholders, and various knickknacks to add a creative flair.

Create The Outdoor Area You Will Love

Creating an outdoor living area is pretty much like adding an addition to your home without going through the hassle of tearing down walls and restructuring the plumbing! With careful planning, you will have a wonderful space to relax, entertain, enjoy, and take advantage of the beauty of outdoor living.

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