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Best Quality Quartz Countertops

Cabinet Genies offer a huge selection of top quality Quartz Countertops. In addition to Quartz Countertops, we also provide best Granite Countertops, Solid Surface Countertops, Wood Countertops & Butcher Blocks, Glass Countertops, Metal Countertops and Laminate Countertops at Cabinet Genies. Each type of countertop has its unique advantages over other. But Quartz Countertops are not only beautiful, they are popular choices for kitchens and bathrooms. Most noteworthy, Quartz countertops or engineered stone countertops are made with more consistent material. Hence, they are more durable than real stone or granite countertops and are less prone to cracking. The quartz material is also appealing as backsplash.

It is not easy to decide which colors and designs of Quartz Countertops would fit to your needs and wishes. Our experienced kitchen designers can help you to choose the right Quartz Countertops and transform your kitchen according to your taste.

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As a family-owned company, based in Cape Coral, Florida, serving Southwest Florida for over 35 years, we at Cabinet Genies, prefer to use environmentally friendly technology, as well as proprietary design and production software. Therefore, we are committed to preserve our natural resources and environment by using environment friendly materials so that our future generation will have a heritage to be proud of.

At Cabinet Genies, we are proud to provide best service to our private residents as well as commercial clients throughout the Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County areas.

Quartz Countertops - Engineered Stone Countertops - Cabinet Genies Cape Coral FL

Beautiful, strong and long-lasting quartz is one of the best quartz countertops and backsplash materials. The fact that it is low-maintenance and easy to clean makes it very attractive to homeowners looking to renovate an old kitchen or furnish a new one.

Qualities of Quartz Countertops & Backsplashes

Quartz is silicon dioxide, the most common mineral on the planet. Nearly every rock has at least a bit of quartz in its makeup. Almost all quartz crystals can be pure white or the deepest black and just about any color in between, and some are turned into gems or objets d’art. When it comes to kitchen countertops, quartz countertops can be bought in slabs of natural stone. But it is more commonly bought as engineered stone. Quartz samples have names such as Cambria.

An engineered stone countertop is made of a binding resin, pigments and 93 to 95 percent powdered or crushed quartz. Both natural slabs and engineered stone are cut with traditional diamond cutters or wet blades, but engineered quartz can be cut to order. This is because it is poured into slabs, and a skilled fabricator can shape it to the requirements of the customer after it cures. The process that takes between three days and a week depending on the weather. Therefore there are quartz counters that are circular, wavy and trapezoidal as well as traditionally rectangular.

Quartz countertopss are nonporous, which makes them resist bacteria, mold and mildew. Due to the absence of cracks, fissures and inclusions in quartz that are inevitably found in natural stone counters, they don’t have to be sealed. While other kitchen countertops made of granite or marble must be sealed against etching and staining. In addition quartz countertops are not damaged by heat. Because the pigment permeates the entire slab, scratches are not as noticeable as they would be on other kinds of countertops. Even if the counter is somehow damaged to the point where it needs to be replaced, a fabricator can create a replacement that has the exact color, texture and pattern.

Maintenance of Quartz Countertops

All a Cambria quartz countertop needs is a nightly wiping down, though spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. A damp cloth or a plastic scouring pad and mild cleanser should be used to clean the counter, and then it should be rinsed with lukewarm water. Bleach should be avoided because it will mar the color, and food should not be cut directly on the quartz countertops because it will dull the knife.

How Quartz Countertops are Made

Almost all standard slabs of engineered quartz are 10 feet by 5 feet, and they come in thicknesses of between about a half an inch to a little less than one and one quarter inch. Like other countertops, many types of edgings can be carved on engineered quartz countertops. Furthermore the edge can be a simple straight and square edge, the popular bullnose edge and its variants, the waterfall edge and the marine edge, which has a type of ledge that prevents liquids from slipping off the slab and resembles a large cutting board. In addition the kitchen backsplash can be made of the same type of quartz or a different, complementary kind.

Quartz Countertops Cost

The cost of quartz countertops is between $60 and $100 a square foot, which is comparable to the cost of level 3 granite or higher. Customers may pay a bit more for certain patterns and colors. However, quartz is said to be even stronger than granite and can last as long as the house, so quartz cost is well worth it in the long run.

Project Tips for Quartz Countertops Installation

  • Set a quartz countertop sample in your kitchen or bathroom to see whether or not the piece’s colors and pattern will work with the room’s hues and patterns. Testing more than one quartz countertop sample at a time may speed your selection process.
  • Install the granite or rock countertop on only a kitchen island if quartz cost is a concern or you want to make the island a focal point.
  • You can install the quartz material as only backsplash if you desire an accent in that location.

For more information about the beauty and benefits of quartz and to inspect our quartz countertop samples, contact our professionals.

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