The Work Triangle

As you start to look at the details for your kitchen renovation, one of the things you should consider is the work triangle. This design is a tried and true guideline that helps you design your kitchen according to the most efficient workspace option. This also includes things like traffic lanes within your kitchen, applying it to people. Typically, a work triangle consists of the basic elements like the cooktop, refrigerator, and the sink, and they are often separated by anywhere between 5 to 9 feet of space.

The work triangle in the kitchen allows for the cook to reach the cooking space, food storage, and cleaning area while still giving enough space to the areas to prevent crowding.


There are several guidelines that aren’t meant to rule. However, they are ideal for a basic kitchen layout to provide you with the basic guideline to create your own kitchen layout.

The three sides of the work triangle should not exceed a sum of 26 feet.
The legs, or sides, of the triangle should be between 5 and 9 feet long.
The sides of the triangle shouldn’t be cutting through anything by any more than 12 inches.
The traffic patterns should not cross within the triangle.
There may be a second triangle with a second sink or island to create a specialty workstation.

Work Zones

A kitchen in the modern home is not just about cleaning and cooking. The kitchen has become a multi-functional location in the home, and designers are working to make the working zone option more accessible over the work triangle. Kitchen work zones have been shown to be a better layout for the kitchen as well. There are five basic zones in the kitchen work zone.

Consumable Zone

This zone is for all foods from frozen to fresh to non-perishables. Your groceries will go in this section of your kitchen, and this zone includes your refrigerator and the pantry at the same time. This zone is for keeping all the food you need while cooking.

Non-Consumable Zone

This zone is laid out for storage of tableware, silverware, pots, pans, and utensils. Anything you need to cook with and eat with should be located in this particular spot. This is the storage space that you need to add your cookbooks and other items for cooking.

Preparation Zone

In this zone, you will be doing all of your food preparation. This means that you need to have all of your cutting boards, mixing bowls, and countertop space in order to properly prepare your food for the meal.

Cleaning Zone

Your cleaning zone is an important zone since it provides you with the space needed to clean up. This zone is centered around the dishwasher, sink, garbage, and the cleaning items. If you want to keep your kitchen cleaning zone organized and neat, you could add cabinet space specifically for the cleaning items.

Cooking Zone

This zone is an obvious one, but an important one. The cooking zone includes your cooktop, oven, and even your microwave. Anything that you use to cook your food is the cooking zone. You should consider storing your hot dishes, pots, pans, and bakeware close to your cooking zone to keep everything close at hand while you cook.

Other Zones

There are a few other zones that some kitchens might have, and it is common for kitchens to have multiple zones. The charging zone is used for charging tablets, phones, and other devices that have become an important part of the kitchen layout. The dining zone is used for the eating of the food. This usually includes a peninsula and a dining table. The workspace is used for desktop computer, laptops, and tablets. Usually, there are outlets close to keep devices charged. The entertainment area includes a television for entertainment, and some even have bar stools for cocktails.


When you are redoing your kitchen, there are several things that you need to consider before you get started. One of the things is the layout of your kitchen. Believe it or not, the kitchen has several work zones that make it an efficient place to cook, clean, and prepare in one place. The work zones are placed in a working triangle that makes it an an efficient area of the home. Before you make your renovation plans for your kitchen, consider these zones and your overall plan to organize your space. The key to creating a smooth working kitchen is the work zones and how you utilize them.


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