Throughout Your Home

Living in an attractive and nicely decorated home that shows off your personality is a fantastic goal. If you are wealthy, then it is possible to decorate an entire home before moving in or all at once every few years. For other people on a strict budget, they may need to decorate one room at a time or add different decorative elements over several years. There is no one size fits all standard for decorating each room in a home because this is a time to have fun and express your individuality. You can look through magazines for ideas, visit furniture showrooms or watch shows on television to get ideas for ways to decorate a variety of rooms in a home.

Living Room Design

Living Room Design

Families do a lot of entertaining in their living rooms in addition to other activities such as watching television, working on a computer or relaxing after work. The standard piece of furniture for a living room is a couch for a seating area along with additional pieces such as an upholstered love seat or chairs. A couch and the other upholstered furniture is typically the most expensive furniture in a home requiring a lot of thought before selection. Many people choose neutral tone colors of upholstered furniture while others want unique colors or patterns. After selecting this furniture, it is time to choose other elements for the living room, including:

• Small tables – meant for holding lamps near seating areas
• Lighting – tabletop, floor or ceiling fixtures
• Window Coverings – window blinds or draperies
• Shelves – to hold books, decorative objects and electronics
• Floor coverings – wall-to-wall carpeting, rugs or tile
• Artwork – paintings, photographs or fabric wall hangings

Dining Area Decor

Dining Area Décor

All families need a dining area in their home with a table and several chairs. Furniture for dining rooms is traditionally made of durable wood such as oak, maple or walnut, but other materials such as plastic, metal or glass are also available. It is important to choose a table size that works nicely with the dining room’s size, allowing space for people to pull out chairs. You can also add furniture such as a sideboard for serving food or a cabinet for displaying chinaware. Additional design options for a dining room include:

• Lighting – usually placed directly above the table
• Floor coverings – tile, rugs or carpeting
• Window coverings – draperies or window blinds
• Artwork – photographs or paintings

Bedroom Designing

Designing a Bedroom for Couples, Children or Guests

Most homes have several bedrooms that are meant for children, guests or the homeowners. The master bedroom is usually the largest bedroom in the home because it is typically designed for couples. The most important element in a bedroom is the bed, and several sizes are available that are suitable for comfort while also looking attractive in the space. Bed linens are the way that most homeowners add a decorative element to this room with splashes of colors from items such as comforters, pillows and duvets. It is even possible to change bed linens during different seasons such as flannel sheets in the winter and lightweight bedspreads in the summer. You will also want to add these items to a bedroom:

• Dressers – with drawers to hold clothing
• Mirrors – to assist with dressing and add decor
• Floor coverings – decorative tile or soft carpeting
• Small tables – to hold table lamps or provide storage
• Shelves – to hold decorative objects, books or toys
• Lighting – table, ceiling or floor
• Artwork – wall hangings, photographs or paintings

Mudrooms Or Entranceways

Mudrooms or Entranceways

Entranceways or mudrooms are a vital part of a home and are the first thing that family members and friends see when entering. Mudrooms are often located next to a garage or back door to allow children to remove coats and boots without carrying a mess into the home. This area requires a durable floor covering that withstands frequent moisture from snow and rain. You need to have chairs or benches for sitting while removing soggy footwear along with racks to hang jackets and coats. This is a good place to use bright colors to encourage children to organize their belongings when arriving home. Entranceways are typically at the front of the house near a hallway or living room, allowing guests to enter through the front door. A welcoming ambience in an entranceway might include a small table with a vase of flowers, potted plants on the floor or family photographs on the walls. You also need:

• Lighting – ceiling fixtures are the best for mudrooms and entranceways
• Wall décor – paint or wallpaper
• Window coverings – window blinds or curtains

Home Offices or Study Areas

Today’s modern homes frequently have a home office or study area where a computer is placed to assist with work or school research. In addition to having one or more computers, many families also have auxiliary equipment such as fax machines, printers and scanners. You need a large workspace for these electronic items with sturdy tops to hold the heavy devices. For most people, a specialized computer desk is the most suitable for an office or study while other individuals prefer a table. Additional décor needed for a study or home office include:

• Storage – such as file cabinets and bookshelves
• Floor coverings – tile or carpet
• Lighting – desk lamps and overhead lighting
• Artwork – paintings and photographs
• Chairs – a variety of styles are available for use in an office or study

Wall and Floor Design Help to Blend Rooms Together

Throughout a home, it is important to have a cohesive décor to help the space flow together in an attractive way. Most homeowners accomplish this by using wall decor such as paint or wallpaper. In addition to using plain paint colors on the walls, you can add designs such as stripes or dots. Wallpaper can cover an entire wall or be placed as a border near the ceilings and doorways to help blend rooms together. Many homeowners also use floor coverings to blend spaces together as people walk from room to room.

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