Uses & Applications

Each countertop material has its strengths and weaknesses. In order to find the one fit for your lifestyle, think about how you’ll be using your kitchen. Do you often throw dinner parties where the highlight is a unique meal prepared by you—one that often involves slicing and dicing everything under the sun? Maybe a hard butcher block or well-sealed granite counter is your best bet. Do you have several children? If so, you’d probably choose against marble and white granite. Do you prepare meals for a large family every night and want a seamless, modern look? Stainless steel may be a nice choice.

Another option often overlooked is that of splitting counter space by material type. For example, butcher block or marble inserts are always possible. For larger kitchens, a granite or concrete island with its own sink can serve as a preparatory surface, while the remaining counter space can be made of any other material.